From the suburbs outside of Boston, Neal Mulani is a rising writer-director with a proclivity for autobiographical narratives about the queer experience. Raised by a father from Mumbai and a mother from Boston, Neal spent his childhood at the crossroad of two cultures and turned to film to articulate the complexity of his experiences.  

Neal’s introduction to storytelling, however, began at an early age with theater, instilling in him a fundamental appreciation for character, story and improvisation. Often characterized by genre experimentation and self-insertion, his work explores themes of shame, self-perception, masculinity & parenthood as they relate to the queer experience.

A recent graduate of the Film & Television Production program at USC, Neal has interned at companies such as Cinetic Media, Lionsgate, and Plan B Entertainment. His first short film, FISH TANK, completed an international festival run this past year. He is currently in post-production on his next short, FROM THE TOP, which will be complete in summer 2019.