From the suburbs outside of Boston, Neal Mulani is a young filmmaker and storyteller. Raised by a father from Mumbai and a mother from Boston, Neal spent his childhood at the crossroad of two cultures. Fitting into two culturally disparate crowds was a continual challenge, and the gap between this upbringing and a more “typical" childhood pushed Neal to turn to stories - more particularly, film. 

Outwardly enticing him with heightened, stylized elements, film helped Neal understand the world by communicating significant messages at the core about the human experience. Since childhood, Neal has been interested in recreating the experiences that affect us so profoundly by way of the moving image. 

Neal’s introduction to storytelling, however, began at an early age with theater, instilling in him a fundamental appreciation for character, story and improvisation. 

While he spent most of high school writing, producing, directing and acting in theatrical productions - Shakespearean comedies, one-act plays and classic musicals - Neal retained a wholehearted obligation to narrative, but sought to amplify its effect through the intimacy of the cinematic medium. After starting the film club at his high school, Neal began writing, directing and producing student films before applying to film school.

Often characterized by genre experimentation and self-insertion, his work continues to evolve with each piece to this day. Neal currently studies Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, having interned at companies such as Lionsgate and Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. His first short film, FISH TANK, is currently on the festival circuit.